Parents, teachers on collision course over punishing students

TEACHERS are in a dilemma whether to discipline children because of how the parents may react.

The most recent case, where a mother was fined RM2,000 and sentenced to six months’ jail for slapping a teacher who had pinched her son for being slow in class, could have been avoided if both parties had exercised patience and understanding.

The teacher should have refrained from pinching the boy. It is the duty and responsibility of the teacher to teach the child, however slow the child is.

The mother should have followed the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and should have dealt with the headmaster over the issue.

Parents are not allowed to meet teachers without first meeting headmasters or school supervisors. When parents do not follow SOPs, arguments and violence can take place between parents and teachers.

The punishment serves as a lesson to parents to be wary of their actions.

Teachers, too, have to follow SOPs when dealing with difficult and misbehaving children. Punishment like caning is the headmasters’ responsibility.

SAMUEL YESUIAH, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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