A concerned citizen visited Parliament and was shocked to see bats that were caught in nets and left to die at the garden near the parking lot.

“I was shocked to see helpless bats entangled in the net and left to die under the sun. 

“This is animal cruelty. How can we let this happen in the courtyard of Parliament?

“If the bats are feeding on fruit trees in the compound, what’s the problem? Aren’t we supposed to share this planet with them? And, how much fruits can they eat?”


A Parliament House spokes-man told Actionline that the nets had been taken down after a complaint was lodged.

He said the nets were meant to trap a species of bird.

“We had no idea (about the bats). The instruction did not come from Parliament, which does not condone animal cruelty.

“We will find the person responsible for this,” he said, adding that closed-circuit television camera footage would be checked to find the culprit.

He said this was the first time an incident like this had happened.

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