Parking touts on motorcycles directing vehicles to park by the roadside near the Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal. PIC BY AZHAR RAMLI

A visitor to Langkawi was unhappy about parking touts near the Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal, who cause traffic snarls in the area.

Kamarul Ishak, who parked his car at the terminal before boarding a ferry to Langkawi, said the parking touts caused congestion when they directed vehicles to park by the roadside near the terminal.

He said the road near the terminal should not be used for parking as it would disrupt traffic flow.

“We need to ensure traffic is smooth because tour buses need space to drop off and pick up passengers.”

He said the parking touts, who operate on motorcycles, ushered drivers to park their vehicles by the roadside.

“For first-time visitors, they will listen to the touts as they are not familiar with the area. This makes the road tight and affects traffic.”


Kangar Municipal Council president Khairin Nazry Karim said the council was aware of the parking issue in Kuala Perlis and had hired private companies to manage public parking space in Kuala Perlis.

“The employees of these companies have a special tag,”
he said, denying that there
were parking touts at the terminal.

“Maybe because they don’t wear a uniform, the public
mistakes them for parking touts.”

He said the council had allowed the roadside near the terminal to be turned into a parking area due to limited parking space in the area.

He said the parking woes at the Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal would ease when the development project by TH Properties Sdn Bhd in Kuala Perlis was completed.

Parking space in Kuala Perlis is limited.

“That’s why we get reports of road congestion there, especially during weekends and holidays.”

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