Expand your creativity and imagination with these educational gadgets.

Multi-functional 4WD robot car.

Multi-functional 4WD robot car

IT’S a versatile robot car that comes with a kit that includes an Arduino remote to control the car, car chassis and sonar sensor to prevent crashes. This all-in-one feature is be a great value for beginners of micro-control programming.

Price: US$46.58 at lazada.com.my

Zumo robot

THIS tracked robot platform is mainly used with Arduino, and with it you can make it move around, especially on less smooth surfaces. The robot has all the core features such as infrared sensors, bulldozer blade, motors, and a buzzer, making it a well rounded robot for mobility purposes.

Price: US$100 at pololu.com

Electric spider robot

THE DIY Assemble Intelligent Electric Spider Robot Toy is another educational robot that does not require Arduino to assemble. Beginners may want to try it as it is not as technical as other DIY robots. The eight multi-joined legs accurately replicate the walking movement of a spider. You can just assemble it without glue so that’s a safety boost, especially for kids.

Price: US$6.85 at lazada.com.my

Four-in-one DIY robot

A MUCH simpler robot that doesn’t require Arduino to function. The robot can be assembled into four designs which are Dinosaur, Robot, Drill, and Insect. It invigorates a child’s imagination and enhances his or her creativity and crafting ability. The robot is solar-powered, which means it has to be exposed to sunlight for greater performance.

Price: US$8.56 at lazada.com.my

Stainless steel robot

STAR Wars fans will definitely want the AiPin Star Wars — R2D2 Robot (1/20) 3D Stainless Steel DIY Assembly Model which closely resembles the iconic R2D2 Robot. Expand your creativity by assembling this amazingly detailed model. The model is made from a pair of completely laser-etched steel sheets.

Price: US$8.76 at lazada.com.my

Obstacle-avoiding robot

IF you are looking for another cost-effective robot, this one from oddWires is a good learning platform as it provides Arduino and motor shield, as well as a lesser amount of soldering and interconnection. The robot comes with an ultrasonic sensor that makes it an obstacle-avoiding autonomous robot.

Price: US$74.95 at oddwires.com

Pocket-sized robot

THIS pocket-sized robot is handy for picking up small tools. Its robotic arm features a full acrylic frame and four servos. All you need is a screwdriver to merge it together.

Price: US$49.97 at store.hackaday.com

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