Zoeva Strobe Gel

I’M not really a fan of glossy lipstick even though I have full lips as I don’t think it looks good on me. But I’m obsessed with bold colours and I just have to get my hands on Zoeva Pure Lacquer Lips.

It is an ultra-shiny liquid lipstick that promises intense high-shine gloss with its lightweight and non-feathering formula.

Unfortunately, I don’t really like its texture. The formula is too creamy and slips easily even after I apply lip liner to sharpen the edges. It is also not long-lasting as I have to reapply after having a bite or a drink.

However, the colours are stunning and striking, especially the Haute Pursuit and Noble Heart.


I love the Zoeva Strobe Gel. This weightless gel highlighter gives my skin a natural dewy complexion with just a few dabs.

You can also create a natural-looking glow or go for a more dramatic look with intense layering.

Plus, it is extremely easy to blend, so it will not look smeared even if you put on quite a bit.

The shimmery highlighter is also long-lasting, good for all-day wear.

Since I have a medium-light skintone, the Corona shade is definitely a match. It is a peachy gel with rose gold shimmer, so it gives a fresh glow to my cheekbones.

I also love to use it as an eyeshadow for a glamorous shimmery eye look, with dramatic catwing effects.

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