ALOR SETAR: A tuition teacher was elated when she learned that he would be receiving a gift from a Facebook friend who was living abroad.

The 30-year-old victim received a call from a person impersonating a courier staff who informed her good news on Oct 1.

But there’s a catch. The tuition teacher would have to pay the courier fee in order to claim the gift.

Her nightmare began after she made a payment for the supposed fee.

Kedah Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Superintendent Chan Teck Paing said the scammer called the victim after the payment was made saying that there was a huge amount of cash found in the parcel and that she would be dragged to court over it if she refused to make another payment.

“Fearing that she would be charged in court, the victim agreed to it, transferring a total of RM55,000 to the scammer within two days,” he said in a statement today.

Chan said the caller promised to deliver the parcel to be transported in a security van soon after receiving the second payment.

“The victim however realised that she had been duped as the parcel never arrived and lodge a police report on Oct 6.

“Further investigation is being carried out under Section 420 of the Penal Code (for cheating),” he said.

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