Traffic is building up at major highways as many make their way home to their respective hometowns. Pix by RASUL AZLI SAMAD.

TAPAH: Traffic on the North-South Highway has been moving at a crawl since 2.30pm.

A Plus Bhd spokesman said the situation is due to a higher volume of vehicles as more people are travelling out of cities.

"Traffic from Slim River to Sungkai and after the Sungkai toll heading to the Bidor toll has slowed down.

"The same situation was also identified at the Tapah R&R towards Gopeng, as well as after the Menora Tunnel to the Sungai Perak R&R; and Kuala Kangsar to Bukit Berapit until Bukit Gantang," he said.

No accident has been reported so far, he added.

The traffic crawl is expected to continue until evening.

Motorists are advised to drive carefully and take time to rest at the R&Rs and lay-bys if they feel tired or sleepy.

Earlier, Fire and Rescue Department director-general Datuk Wan Mohd Nor Wan Ibrahim conducted air surveillance on overall traffic flow on the highway from Kuala Lumpur (central) heading north, west and south.

"I have been surveying the traffic since 9.30am in Kuala Lumpur from the Sungai Besi toll to the southern states, the Gombak toll (westbound) and the Jalan Duta toll for vehicles heading north, and I am glad to report that all exits are in good and smooth condition.

"There were no signs of motorists abusing the emergency lane this morning.

"Traffic towards the north was (heavy) with a 5km crawl at Slim River and before the Tapah toll.

"This is a normal situation during the festive season. Overall, the smooth traffic flow will continue until (this) afternoon," Wan Mohd said.

He added that he hopes motorists will observe safety precautions and drive carefully.

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