The 70-year-old house in Kampung Jelutong, Tobiar was razed in a fire. Almost 80 per cent of the house was destroyed in the fire. Courtesy pic.

PENDANG: Mohd Fadzil Jahya, 21, from Kampung Jelutong, Tobiar, knew something was amiss when he saw a fire engine entering his village while he was driving in the opposite direction last night.

Fadzil, who was on his way to Pekan Pendang with wife Zaharah Ghani, 32, and father Jahya Salleh, 77, decided to turn around and gave it a chase.

“We were shocked to see fire gutting our 70-year-old house. Almost 80 per cent of the house was destroyed. There was nothing we could do.

“I’m just grateful that no one was home at the time,” he said, adding that his family suffered about RM400,000 loss due to the fire.

The trio was on their way to buy ingredients for their fried chicken stall during the 8.54pm incident.

Fadzil said the house was in a dilapidated condition and needed urgent repairs.

“Prior to the incident, I had gone to the alms office to apply for assistance to repair the roof that would leak whenever it rains. The house also had an old switch box.

“A friend told me that he heard an explosion before the house went up in flames. A lot of items used for my stall business were placed in the house,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pendang Fire and Rescue Department head Muhammad Ezzat Emran Ezani said a team of firemen and Emergency Medical Response Service (EMRS) staff arrived at the scene at 9.05pm.

“Fire rapidly spread to the upper level of the house, made of wood. No injuries were reported,” he said, adding that 20 volunteer firemen also helped with the operation.

“We managed to control the situation at 9.19pm and the fire was completely put out at 10.14pm,” he said.

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