(File pix) Photo shows an LRT station. The Kelana Jaya Light Rapid Transit (LRT) line was delayed for two hours today due to a technical issue. Pix by Mohd Yusni Ariffin

KUALA LUMPUR: The Kelana Jaya Light Rapid Transit (LRT) line was delayed for two hours today due to a technical issue.

According to series of updates posted on RapidKL Facebook, the delay was caused by signaling fault at Damai Station.

“We are experiencing a signaling fault at Damai station to Dato Keramat. Clearing failed trains is in progress. Please expect service delay approximately 20 mins.

“Train is driven manually between Damai to Ampang due while stabilizing the signal. For safety reason, trains will be moving slower and dwell longer at platforms while our technical team rectifying the issue,” the post said.

On their latest update, the fault has been rectified at about 10.30am.

“Our train service is gaining momentum and resuming to normal. Thank you for your patience,” read the notifications.

Meanwhile, some commuters had vented out their frustration in comments posted on the company’s social media accounts.

Asnawi Fadzial said: “I was on the train for 2hrs! Standing! No typhoon, no storm but still have issue... The worst part is, it is repetitive signaling issue at Damai, it always Damai!”

Sumitra Achanah said: “Rapid KL this is happening so frequently. All you can tell is find another alternative or be patient.

“How on earth people are going to find another alternative specially during peak hour, you should provide another alternative, not asking people to get out of the train when we waited for so long.

“How long can people be patient? There are children, old people and pregnant ladies, and there are so many of us who are late to work you are not going to answer the bosses neither you are going to compensate the loss of time and it’s not easy to be stuck in cramped trains without air-con just to hear you saying be patient or find another alternative.For God Sake improve the train services lah.”

Aris Sharif posted: “Sorry to say, since LRT fares increased in 2015, service quality has gone down... Besides, the frequent problems faced with signallng, trains and platforms are more crowded leading to longer waiting times.”

Remy Spencer said: “Unfortunately, I was fined RM20 because I was late to office.”

Azlan Ma said: “Just arrived office at 10.40am and need to take half-day leave; to make up the lost hours.

Remy Choo said: “Too late, had to take unpaid leave because of this.”

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