Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak with President Donald Trump (right) at a four-point meeting to discuss strategic relations between the two countries that took place at Oval Office White House. Najib's visit was an invitation by President Trump to commemorate the 60 years of Malaysia-US bilateral ties between the two countries. Bernama Photo

GEORGE TOWN: The opposition's continuous attacks on Datuk Seri Najib Razak, including his visit to the White House, are a result of their jealousy towards the Prime Minister's many achievements.

Parti Cinta Malaysia deputy president Datuk Huan Cheng Guan said the numerous successes by Najib's administration also proved that the opposition's imputations were mere slander and aimed at painting a negative perception about the government to the people for their own political survival.

Huan said the question then was why the opposition and its leaders continued to criticise and be agitated with the government when Najib was officially invited to the White House to meet with the United States President Donald Trump.

"The only conclusion which we can derived from all this is Malaysia, under Najib, has become a close ally of the world super powers like the US and China.

"Besides economic achievements, Malaysia is also entrusted to play important roles in the issue of safety and world peace, such as the Islamic States (IS), the Rohingya issue and many more.

"This is a recognition of Najib's administration by the US government," he said.

Huan also said that all this proved what the opposition had said about the prime minister was a lie – that he would be arrested in the US or that he feared to visit the US.

"Their intention is only to tarnish his image as well as that of the government.

"Not only was Najib given special treatment, he was also accorded police and the Secret Service escort, and the go-ahead to use the Andrews Joint Air Force Base. He was also warmly greeted by Trump at the West Wing Lobby of the White House

"As such all the opposition's propaganda that Malaysia is a kleptocracy and a failed state should be dismissed at all cost," he added.

Najib is currently on a working visit to Washington, following an invitation from Trump.

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