PAS president Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has urged leaders and politicians in Malaysia to emulate Prophet Muhammad’s style of leadership. Pic by GHAZALI KORI

KUALA LUMPUR: Leaders and politicians in Malaysia should emulate Prophet Muhammad’s style of leadership to govern the country, said PAS president Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Hadi in a statement said that Allah had mentioned that Prophet Mohammad was the best example of all things, not only in his faith but also in the world’s affairs.

He said Prophet Mohammad had taught his companions and his people throughout the ages to the end of time, when he successfully took over Makkah in peace, despite the enemy killing his family and his companions, tortured and seized their property and homes.

“However, Prophet Mohammad showed the noblest and highest character and the people should follow his examples,” said Hadi.

Hadi said Prophet Mohammad’s gratitude to Allah overcame the triumphs of his victory, his patience made him compassionate over his anger.

“He successfully created matured politics and has dominated the entire Arabian peninsula which was still dominated by the cruelest Jahiliya, which was also supported by two influential powers in eastern Persia and western Rome. Ultimately everything collapsed by matured and prosperous political culture.

“Prophet Mohammad’s assertiveness made him a leader who did not stoop down to his followers who were immature, what more to those who were enthusiastic but practiced stupid politics. The result.... Islam was welcomed by many.

“What was more interesting was when Prophet Mohammad apprehended Abu Sufian, the most influential leader, and managed to persuade Umar bin Al-Khattab not to kill him, but instead convince him to convert to Islam,” said Hadi.

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