Foreign fish, like peacock bass, are invading native habitats.

I REFER to the article “Alien fish running riot in local rivers” (NST, April 17) in which it was reported that foreign fish are invading rivers and harming native fish.

The problem is, we do not have regulations or laws to safeguard and preserve indigenous fish.

We need a fish and wildlife department, and enforcement unit to enforce laws on fishing permits, encroachment and other human activities.

A master plan to safeguard rivers from abuse and pollution must be in place.

Just like national parks, rivers and streams must be safeguarded.

Any private ownership of land along riverbanks must be monitored.

Illegal fishing methods must be curbed.

I am puzzled why no action has been taken to protect rivers and marine species.

As we move towards a developed nation status, efforts to protect nature and environment must be in that direction, too.

ShahrulHanuar Md. Aris

Kuala Lumpur

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