The Rohingya, who suffer from persecution in Myanmar, are fleeing to safety to neighbouring countries like Malaysia.

In the light of the ongoing persecution and slaughter of the Rohingya ethnic minority in Myanmar and the refusal of the government authorities to put an end to the human rights violations, the Malaysian government needs to consider recalling its ambassador to Myanmar.

For many years, Malaysia and the international community have watched or read reports on the continuous and merciless persecution and inhuman treatment of the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities in Myanmar.

According to Amnesty International and other international human rights groups, the Rohingya have continued to suffer from human rights violations under the country’s military regime since 1978.

Some historians say the Rohingya have been persecuted even before 1978. A few international human rights groups believe no other community has suffered as much atrocities as the Rohingya.

As a result of this, the Rohingya have been fleeing to safety to neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Malaysia.

For many years, too, efforts have been undertaken by our government, Asean, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations to persuade, and even pressure, the Myanmar government to put an end to the conflict, but to no avail.

Malaysia and other countries in the region continue to see an increasing number of refugees fleeing the country.

For this reason, Malaysia should take a diplomatic stand of recalling its ambassador to Myanmar to signal to the country that Malaysia is serious in seeing the persecution of the Rohingya stopped. This move will also put pressure on the regime to end
the atrocities against the Rohingya.


Senior lecturer, Faculty of Syariah and Law, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Nilai, Negri Sembilan

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