ABOUT 40 of us enrolled in Sultan Sulaiman Primary School 2, the only English-medium school in Kuala Terengganu. The numeric 2 signified that it was the afternoon session. That was in 1962.

At the end of 1964, we completed our primary school education in Standard Six. I can recall Class 6 Malay 1 (6M1) better as the then class teacher was Mr Tay Soo Hock.

After more than 53 years, I gather my courage and emotion to compose a poem to remember our good old primary school days.

The time was fifty three years ago

Slightly more than a half century though

Unheard of the word proud or ego

With school friends we can always borrow

Robert Tay Soo Hock, sir

We were your obedient pupils for sure

It is really a small world

Sweet memories come lingering there and here

You’re an excellent Class Teacher by any standard

Now all your pupils either had passed away or retired

We are still healthy and young at heart

Perhaps last time we did things right

Now technology brings us closer together

There’s no reason to be a poser

Along the way we may be sombre

They were things of the past and are no longer applicable

Mr Robert Tay, dear Class Teacher

We love you over and over

Compared to money, health is richer

We remain as 6M1-1964 Alma Mater


Shah Alam, Selangor

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