Four people were killed when a runaway lorry hit a vehicle in Port Dickson on Wednesday. FILE PIC

I REFER to the report, “Port Dickson pile-up kills 4, injures 5” (NST, Jan 4), which has again raised the question: how safe are our roads?

In light of the number of fatal accidents the past couple of months, the public is concerned and anxious about road safety. Families lost their loved ones and in one case, an entire family was killed

The case in question, the runaway lorry, as viewed in the video, was cruising so fast that any car in its deadly path had no chance. The unfortunate MPV bore the full brunt of the lorry, which resulted in four deaths.

It calls into question whether lorries, buses or heavy vehicles adhere to traffic signs and speed limits on our roads, especially when they are plying the highways.

Despite enforcement by the authorities, accidents still happen when they could have been prevented if drivers adhered to the rules.

Reckless and careless driving has contributed to the statistics of fatal accidents in recent years.

In some cases, drivers were found to be high on drugs. How they could be recruited to drive is baffling, indeed.

To counter reckless behaviour and bad attitude of drivers, the authorities have to impose more stringent rules on them.

I would suggest drivers of heavy vehicles undergo driving tests every two years, have their mental health evaluated and get examined for drug or substance abuse.

Their particulars must be submitted by the employers to the police to check if they are hardcore traffic offenders or have criminal records.

We see many lorries and buses plying the North-South Expressway at speeds beyond the limits causing great concern to other road users. In many cases, cars and motorcyclists are forced to give way to avoid being knocked.

Accidents can be prevented.

Drivers must follow the traffic rules and adhere to speed limits, allowing other road users safe passage.

The number of tragic accidents in recent times point to the fact that no one is safe on the road.

Therefore, we have no alternative but to stay alert, be vigilant, and practise defensive driving.

Dr Tan Eng Bee, Kajang, Selangor

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