Go KL buses have carried thousands of foreign tourists and local commuters. FILE PIC

HEAVY traffic affects people’s productivity.

Vehicles consume more petrol, and the traffic also leads to greater pollution.

Parking spaces in office buildings and unused lands are limited.

The local authorities and police should impose higher summons, from RM500 to RM800, on motorists who park in prohibited zones. 

E-hailing services, however, reduce traffic and increase people’s productivity. For instance, Grab Car customers can make advance bookings.

Customers, especially Grab Car ones, collect points from their rides. They can redeem their points for discounted fares.

The system attracts more people to use e-hailing services.

Go KL is a free bus service that offers free wifi. 

Riding these buses cuts people’s transportation expenses.

Since they were introduced in 2012, Go KL buses have carried thousands of foreign tourists and local commuters.

It promotes tourism via public transportation. 

 Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a long-term initiative by the governmental to reduce traffic in Klang Valley.  Besides saving fuel cost, MRT saves people from parking problems. 

As a graduate of transport studies at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, I believe that these transport services can be integrated to reduce traffic jams.

Integrating one mode of transport with another is called integrated transport system.

The Transport Ministry and the Land Public Transport Commission should encourage more people to benefit from the integrated transport system. 

The government can organise campaigns like Public Transport Day to encourage people to use public transportation.

Amerul Azry Abdul Aziz, Kuala Lumpur

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