On ‘Lup Choon’, the Chinese pray for a good year, good health and bountiful harvest. FILE PIC

ON Feb 4, the Chinese welcomed the first day of spring, or “Lup Choon”, the day when the “dog”, the animal in the Chinese zodiac, arrived with the departure of the “rooster”.

In fact, some say the Chinese New Year has started, although the official date is Feb 16.

There are some years that “Lup Choon” arrives late, and so there have been occasions when it was celebrated after the official date of the Chinese New Year.

On that day, the Chinese prayed for a good year, good health and bountiful harvest, and, for all our prayers to come true.

In the old days, “Lup Choon” was also the time when the Chinese spring clean and decorate their homes in preparation for the new year.

Now, decorations are up weeks ahead of the new year.

For those who want to be prosperous throughout the year, they should make a cash deposit of any amount in a bank at a certain time that is considered to be the auspicious time of the day.

Yes, the time for each of the 12 animal zodiac signs is different. For example, mine is from 9am to 11am. If I missed it, I could deposit the money in the afternoon.

My advice is, you should check this out with your spiritual guru or a friend who believes in Chinese zodiac, and what you need to do during “Lup Choon” or for welcoming the first day of spring.

I wish all a Happy Chinese New Year.


Subang Jaya, Selangor

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