Loyalty and honesty are important ingredients that make for a lasting marriage.

Loyalty and honesty are two important ingredients that make for a lasting marriage.

Take loyalty, for example. Some couples believe that loyalty comes after money as they opine that a marriage built without money is like building a house without a foundation. Money is the key to happiness, they argue.

Our great-grandparents say loyalty of a married couple is tested by “sea waves” that invade them as they sail their ship of life together.

The husband assumes the role of the captain to steer the ship to its destination, while his wife lends her undivided support through thick and thin.

Some wealthy men are willing to spend millions to get their wedding proposals accepted by the women they love.

Their luxury weddings are organised with thousands of guests streaming in all manner of outfits.

As someone who got married last month, I believe that a good marriage is determined by sincerity and sacrifice. Without these two factors, a marriage cannot last.

After getting through the verification process of marriage, from attending the mandatory marriage course, to taking human immunodeficiency virus tests, to submitting documents to the state religious department, I have learnt that marriage is not as simple as I thought. It taught me the valuable lesson of patience.

One of the important things in preparing for marriage is gaining knowledge from other married couples.

Experiences shared by my relatives and close friends about their married life are constructive and inspiring. Their stories make me believe that a marriage without sincerity is like trying to breath without air.

A speaker at my marriage course told me that wealth, most of the time, clouds true happiness in a marriage.

Recently, I read about the post-divorce life of a former Arsenal footballer.

His erstwhile wife left him with all his hard-earned assets. Now, he is penniless.

The footballer confessed to reporters that he almost took his life. He said he never imagined that the person he loved the most would leave him penniless.

The important message from the footballer’s story is that a marriage that is built without loyalty and honesty is one without the breath of life.

In Malaysia, many divorce cases are reported every year. Divorce is not the best way out of conflicts in a marriage. Being tolerant, understanding and patient would naturally shape loyalty and honesty in the hearts of married couples.

Amerul Azry Abdul Aziz

Kuala Lumpur

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