Some women have reached the peak of their career and achieved outstanding things. FILE PIC

ACADEMIC excellence, awe inspiring decision-making, a strong determination and zest are some of the admirable characteristics about the women I have met. Their life stories have motivated others.

These interesting women deserve our praise. They have overcome barriers and beat the odds to achieve their goals. Isn’t that something to be appreciated?

Breaking stereotypes and creating history, some women have reached the peak of their career and achieved outstanding things.

Some have triumphed against slander, threats and violence to uphold their dignity as women.

We may have celebrated World Women’s Day some time ago, but I think it is never late for me to pen something about women.

I believe women need to be recognised for their contributions.

A friend asked how a woman can feed her child if she is short of money. This begs an intelligent answer, though. She says women should use their creativity to find ways to earn a living to put food on the table.

The key factor is creativity, she says.

I could not agree more. When dire needs arise, we should stop complaining and find ways to solve the issues.

I think women are good at seizing the day when it comes to meeting challenges.

We women are made of sterner stuff. But I must admit that I have come across women who are gullible, too. They are dependent on their husbands to run errands for them. Being too timid and confined to the kitchen come with a cost.

We may lose out on many things if we never speak up for ourselves. We should know our rights and exercise them for a good purpose.

I am not asking women to stop everything and join the women’s liberation movement. I just want women to wake up and be empowered.


Johor Baru, Johor

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