Hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott.
The twins conjure some magic in making this living room brighter and more ventilated with light grey paint and contrasting dark hardwood floors. Neutral-toned furnishings are dressed up with colorful, patterned pillows and accessories.
A studded armchair with accent coloured throw pillows and blanket in the new living room of recently renovated home in Toronto; courtesy of the Property Brothers’ touch.
After the renovation, the living room at the front of this house in Valhalla, NY, turns into a modern and sophisticated space with size-appropriate furniture, classic curtains and a patterned area rug.
A master bedroom formerly disheveld and cluttered with laundry, is now bright and orderly, with a seating area staged next to the window after some remedy by Drew and Jonathan. Beige and white base colors contrast with jewel-toned pillows and flower.
Bright pops of color are added in the accessories that are on the coffee table in a house in White Plains.

ACCORDING to twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, stars in the upcoming show Property Brothers on HGTV Channel (Astro Ch 731), there are several ways for maximising small spaces.

1. Furnishing

Look for smaller pieces that have dual function. For example, vanity counters should have shelving or cabinets underneath, ottomans can also be used for storage and bed frames can also have built-in drawers. The important thing is not putting anything that will obstruct the view, so if you do want to have some kind of separation, use accent pieces like throw pillows, a featured art piece, or area rugs that will help define a space. This not only adds a little spice to your design but it also doesn’t make you commit to a more permanent design decision.

2. Declutter!

The easiest way to give your space a face lift is to clean and declutter. Put things away into cabinets instead of leaving them out on countertops, carefully curate your shelf space to make a more appealing display and donate items you know you don’t need.

3. Bright Colours

Bright colours are great, they just make everything feel larger. When choosing your wall colour, go for something that is light and airy, a dark colour can make your space look even smaller. For a contemporary feel, perhaps a cool, soft gray with pops of purples and greens. Carry the colours through the space in decor, throw pillows, curtains and area rugs. If you want something even cozier, go transitional with warmth from some reclaimed wood pieces, beautiful splashes of oranges and teals, and a very pale blue on the walls.

4. Lighting

Plenty of light is important, so put in new fixtures. Well-lit spaces can dramatically change a space. A lighter paint colour can make a small room feel larger, but adding even lighting helps make it look bigger. Regardless of what theme you go with, use plenty of reflective materials and mirrors to help bounce light and give the illusion of a larger space.

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