Minimal soil is required in a vertical garden installation.
A wall garden.
A building interior with a green wall.
A green wall by Eco Outdoor Sdn Bhd.

You can bring some greenery into a small space, such as a small backyard or courtyard, or cover the facade of a building by creating a vertical garden.

A vertical garden is a method to grow plants on walls. Water flows over a vertical surface to feed the roots that keeps the plants alive.

For ideas, take a look at what Patrick Blanc, a French botanist, has done.

He had successfully attempted to sync nature and unused spaces within the city with his self-sustaining installations the world over.

In Malaysia, Blanc has applied his green touch to Le Nouvel KLCC, a freehold development along Jalan Ampang that comprises 195 apartments in two 49-storey and a 43-storey towers.

Le Nouvel features the highest vine biodiversity on a high-rise building, with about 200 different climbing plant species installed on the eight facades.

Eco Outdoor Sdn Bhd founder Chris Kooijman said his company used Atlantis Gro-Wall for its vertical garden, drainage and rainwater harvesting system from Australia to build its own version of a “Green Wall”.

He recommends building owners wanting to have a vertical garden installed to use the Gro-Wall Slim Line, a new vertical garden green wall system that is built on the success of the Gro-Wall range of products.

“It is good for apartments as it provides a thinner profile, hence making the system ideal for applications where space is limited,” he told NST Property.

Eco Outdoor creates a colourful, dense pattern of plants that’s easy to maintain and is guaranteed to remain healthy and beautiful for a long time.

Besides commercial and residential buldings, Eco Outdoor has installed green roofs and a vertical garden for the Kota Kinabalu Gleneagles Hospital for a more appealing look.

“From the fourth floor up, one can see artificial grass spaces and plants, while a 50 sq m green wall enhances the view of the bridge connecting the two towers of the hospital,” he said.

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