Air and light is essential for good feng shui decorating.

A HOME needs an active, vibrant source of energy to bring success, good health and for the occupants to live in peace and harmony.

The first thing you may want to do is de-clutter your home. Throw away unwanted stuff and store what you need, but don’t use regularly. The items should be out of sight, but neatly arranged.

Once you have done that, then you can start planning how you want to decorate your home and arrange the furniture from the living room to the bedroom. Work around the Feng Shui elements. It is also important to look into decorating your kitchen and bathroom as it will bring all the energy you need.

Tips for better feng shui for your home

Fresh flowers bring good fortune and love in your home.


In Feng Shui, it is believed that good fortune and love will come if you display fresh flowers in your home. You can place them in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living area. It is better to choose bright colours and flowers that produce a lovely scent, but don’t include any thorny stems as they minimise the flow of chi.


Indoor plants can boost the energy in your home

The life energy of plants is used to enhance the Feng Shui of an area. Plants are commonly used to boost energy and balance the five elements of an area.


The colour of your door plays an important part in driving in good luck.

There is a belief that the colour of your door plays an important part in driving in good luck. According to Feng Shui practice, south-facing doors should be painted red or orange, north-facing doors should be blue or black. West-facing doors are best with gray or white, while east-facing doors are better off being brown or green.


Air and light is essential for good Feng Shui decorating. The more light that flows into your home the more energy it will bring. Natural lighting also helps to save energy.


The way you arrange your furniture matters. For example, the bed should not face the door or bathroom. It is best that you place the bed diagonally from the bedroom door to help the flow of postive energy.


Colour is a very powerful way to shift the energy in your home and bring the desired results much quicker.

Colours are a very powerful way to shift the energy in your home and bring desired results much quicker. Choose colours according to the bagua or energy map of your home. From there you will know what colours are suitable for each room.


There are various types of Feng Shui products, such as crystals, coins of the five Chinese emperors, wind chimes, bronze bells and bagua mirror, which you can use. However, don’t simply buy them without knowing its cause and effects.

Feng Shui energy from wind chimes and bronze bells come from its sound. It is used to enhance the chi in an area, and its effects will be greatly reduced if it is hung in an area where its sound cannot be produced.

Purple amethyst can clear negative energies in an area.

If you decide to use crystals, the type of crystal and its placement matters. For instance, two rose quartz hearts can be placed to promote better relationships. Purple amethyst, which is said to clear negative energies in an area, can be used for the personal growth bagua area of your home.

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