Wide staircase for easy use.
Spiral design that saves space

ANY house with more than one floor will have a staircase to ease the movement of its residents. While walking up the stairs can be quite an exercise, walking down is normally a breeze.

Developers nowadays are getting more creative in designing staircases for their projects that comprise either two-storey terraces, bungalows, townhouses, villas or semi-detached houses.

The staircases can be straight from A to B point, spiral, L-shaped, U-shaped, winder or curved. Some of them will have central landing.

When home owners renovate their properties, they make big changes to the old staircase structure, turning it all to metal, concrete, wood or glass. Some will instal railings.

Feng shui practitioners say the design and positioning of the staircases is important to generate qi energy.

According to fengshuipundit.com, a staircase in the wealth section of a house — in South-East — may cause the financial condition of the house occupants to be weak. This, however, doesn’t mean the family will face bankruptcy or something to the extent. It only means that the family members will always find it a struggle when it comes to money despite earning well. There are always unexpected expenses.

If a staircase is situated in the East of the house, the occupants may face some health issues, which are sometimes unexplainable.

There are few tips which fengshuipundit.com has recommended to make living better in your own home just by “fixing” your staircase.

Avoid any spaces between landings in a staircase. Such spaces represent leakages and a bad Feng Shui.


Keep 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17 or 22 as the numbers of steps in a staircase.

Keep the stairs well lit. Do fit uplights on landings.

Make sure the stairs are sturdy.

Use shades of light and soothing colours at staircases.

Use wood, metal or concrete as materials for making stairs.

Have wooden stairs in South, East and South-East of a home.

For stairs in North, use metal.

Concrete stairs can be made in North-East, South-West, West and North-West.

Place a pair of “Foo Dog” - Chinese guardian lions or Imperial guardian lions - to prevent bad or negative energy going upstairs.

Make sure the steps are not too steep or shallow.

Make the staircase wide enough for everyone to use it easily.

If there’s a curved staircase, make sure there aren’t many turns in it and try to keep it clockwise.

If stairs are located in front of the main door of the house, place a screen, partition or curtain to block the view of stairs from entrance.

A crystal chandelier at the start of stairs is good Feng Shui.

Wooden stairs in South, East and South-East of a home bring positive energy


Stairs at the centre of a home; it’s like having something very heavy at the heart and that is never a good Feng Shui.

Broken stairs; if any of the landings is broken have it repair it immediately.

Stairs facing corners of the house.

A stairway face another.

Staircases near home’s entrance.

Top or bottom of stairs facing main entrance.

Toilets at start or end of a staircase.

Staircases in front of a bedroom’s door.

Red-colored stairs; it brings misfortunes.

A kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom/toilet and cash locker under staircases.

Placing or storing water under a staircase.

Spiral staircases.

Stairs in East, South-East and South-West of a house as the sections rule Health, Money and Love aspect of life, respectively.

Creaky or weak materials for staircases.

Spaces between landings in a staircase; the spaces mean leakages and a bad Feng Shui.

Mirrors on staircases.

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