If the window faces negative Feng Shui objects or views, use a two-layer curtain (cloth and sheer). Keep the sheer curtain closed.

CURTAINS are a familiar thing in every home. They not only provide private space for the family but also accentuate the rooms in your home, be it the living and dining space, or bedrooms.

Some even have curtains in their bathrooms and kitchen.

Light-coloured curtains are generally suitable for any home.

While curtains are wonderful decorative pieces, more attention should be given to them as they plays an important role in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui masters believe improper curtains can cause inharmonic Feng Shui or environment.

Here are some tips to choosing the right curtains for better Feng Shui:

Gold , yellow and cream are good Feng Shui colours.

If the window in your room faces some negative Feng Shui object or view, hang two-layered curtains (cloth curtains and sheer curtains). The sheer curtains should be kept drawn to block bad fortune and negative energy.

If curtains (both cloth and sheer) are torn or worn off, have them replaced immediately.

Make sure the curtains are not too thick or thin. Very thick curtains will darken the room when drawn and it can be stressful for the occupant. Thin curtains, meanwhile, will not be able to block a bad view or prevent the sunlight from entering the room.

Avoid using plastic rings and rods for curtains. The best is wood.

Chose meaningful and peaceful patterns on the curtains. Don’t use curtains with strange or scary looking patterns as you will end up feeling very uneasy within your own environment.

Avoid using plastic rings and rods for curtains. Use natural material and the best would be wood.

Keep your windows and curtains neat and clean to allow the qi to flow freely into your house.

Try to ensure that the curtains are not too thick as they darken the room during the day.

Patterns must be presentable.

Replace old, worn off or torn curtains.

And finally, if you are planning to change the curtains this coming New Year, gold and yellow are the darling colours of a good Feng Shui home. Gold is very popular in Feng Shui because of its association with money and wealth, while yellow is the colour of happiness and warmth.

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