(File pix) Clockwise from top left: Althenanthera and Purple Prince, Cuphea Hyssopifolia, Melampodium Plaudosum and Leucophyllum Frutescens.

A SIMPLE tip for homeowners who are just about to start planning for their first garden; if you are having a bit of trouble considering what plants to include in order to beautify your outdoor space, then perhaps perennials are your best option.

Some of the plants recommended here produce flowers with a variety of colours while others rely on just their leaves to bring out attractive colours.

These plants are not just the mainstays of any landscape setting, but due to their ruggedness, are a favourite among gardening enthusiasts. Not only do these plants have appealing characteristics, they are easy to care for.

As a beginner, one thing to work on is a disciplined routine of watering and exposing your plants to sunlight. If well-maintained, these plants will thrive well in years to come. Here are a few recommendations for you.


Also called Mexican petunia, these perennials with purple flowers are easy to grow and maintain. You can grow them among other flowering plants in the garden.


As a child, you might remember picking these brightly coloured flowers. This evergreen shrub is found in tropical areas and is suitable for landscapes.


This is an easy-to-grow plant. Locally known as “Melati” in Malay or “Shu Mei” in Chinese, this plant is also a favourite among Bonsai advocates. With greenish leaves and white flowers, it is also a plant that possesses medicinal benefits.


These creeping herbs are seen just about everywhere because of its vibrantly coloured leaves, which range from burgundy to green. It grows well under the sun or indoors as they are heat-tolerant.


Their yellowish orange flowers look like a miniature version of sunflowers. The creeping attribute of melampodium makes it suitable to be used as ground cover.


This species is native to Mexico and Central America. The leaves of this plant look much like a fern, but also produce tiny purple and white flowers. It is usually used for ground covers in landscaping.


The leaves on this plant look pale as though they have been covered by dust. These drought-resistant bushes are also called Texas silverleaf. This plant produces small pink flowers that are attractive from afar.


Another durable plant which is grown because of its colourful foliage. These plants are perfect for a beginner gardener because they are very easy to grow and maintain.

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