Can’t sell your home? Do you own study and find out what’s happening

You have been trying to sell your house but it is not working. You have made a number of price reductions, spent money on advertising, appointed more than a dozen agents to help you sell the property but the sale is not happening. So what could be wrong?

You cannot postpone selling your home as you are desperate to get rid of it because of the other committments that you have. You cannot take out a new mortgage because of the existing property or properties that you may own.

Renting the property may be out of the question as you don’t want to tie yourself down to it anymore.

So what do you do?

Daily Mail published an article recently which stated that even top celebrities like Rod Stewart cannot sell their house.

Grand:Rod Stewart and wife Penny have slashed the price ofWood House by £1.55m.

According to the writer Fred Redwood, Stewart had initially put his 25-acre Essex mansion, Wood House, on the market in July 2016 to sell for £7.5 million (RM41.15 million). By November, he dropped the price by £550,000.

When that cut didn’t prove to be deep enough he lopped another £1million off, taking it to £5.95 million.

The problem could have been that everything about Wood House, Stewart’s former home, screams “rock star”.

Suzanne Sutherland, of Heatons Home Styling (quoted by Daily Mailin the article), believes vendors often put off buyers by over-personalising their homes.

Ensure that all electrical items in the kitchen are in working condition and the place is neat.

She said, “You need to convey warmth without making people feel like intruders when they are viewing the property.

“Clear away personal effects, lay the table, but don’t over-dress it as ifthere’s going to be a banquet.”

So what do you do?

1. Don’t charge too much for the property.

Go slightly below market value if you can.

2. Don’t be emotionally tied to the house.

Let go of everything. Do not tell prospective buyers or give suggestions on what they should do with the property. Your aim is to sell and not scare them away.

3. De-clutter your house if you are selling it lock, stock and barrel.

A messy home can be a put off.

Repaint the walls of your home if you must.

4. Make sure the paint work inside and outside the house is new/neat.

5. The bathrooms are important spaces in any home.

Make sure the toilets are working properly, and there are no leakages.

6. The kitchen sink, dishwasher, oven, stove and other electrical items must be in working condition and neatly kept. b>

7. Ensure that the garden is well kept.

Pull away weeds, if any, or trim trees and plants if you have them in the garden. The outside of your home has to be presentable.

The garden must be well kept and appealing to the eye.

8. Finally, get an experienced real estate agent from a reputable company.

Go for word of mouth recommendations if you must. -- Daily Mail

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