FLORAL WALKWAY - You can plant large, eye-catching flowering trees that will grow to a good height, creating a beautiful walkway to your home. The walkway can lead to a floral tribute allowing a sheltered, comforting environment.

YOU can create a perfect front yard and backyard for your home on your own without having to spend too much money.

Go with perennials, bulbs, roses, trees, shrubs or large flowering trees. Add old sculptures, water features, lighting, a pathway and swing, if you like, to create a perfect landscape.

Choose the right flowering bulbs or those that are easily available like amaryllis, caladium, camassia,corydalis, crocus, daffodil, dahlia and lily. Bulbs work beautifully in flower beds or containers, and can be used to accent other plants or make a stunning statement when grouped together.

Perennials are long-lasting and will transform the garden all year around. Go for blanket flower (gaillardia), which is a drought- and heat-tolerant perennial wildflower, echinacea,rudbeckia, dianthus, coreopsis, buddleia, hydrangea or phloxpaniculata just to name a few.

You can either grow them in rows along the walkway or flower beds. Some ideas for your garden:

WINDING PATH - A D-I-Y winding path is not so difficult or costly. You need safety gear and the right tools to start with, then carve out a stone-paved path that winds past areas of interest in your yard. Remove grass and top soil, then distribute the desired stones or pebbles along the pathway. You can also use loose stone, pavers or flagstones and roughly lay them out, filling the gaps with sand.

ELEVATED STEPS - Adding elevated steps to the front of your home can add dimension and texture. Frame them with colourful flowers or go fully green with plants.

GROUND COVER PERENNIAL - The old fashioned perennial ground cover is a good choice for gardeners who want to grow low maintenance plants. Pickflowers like Moss Rose (Portulaca), Spotted Dead Nettle andBigroot Geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) that love the sun and grow one- to 1.5-feet tall. You can group a few varieties together to be eye-catching.

HANGING POTS - With hanging pots, you can transform any space and surface instantly. You can plant anything in a pot, including kitchen herbs. Hang the pots on tree branches,underneath the porch, or at the fence. They make good decorative pieces for the landscape.

GARDEN PATH - A well-designed and well-built path will enhance the liveability and functionality of any home garden, and provide a convenient route for plant maintenance. You can use angular stones, rounded pebbles or bricks as the walkway and line the sides with shrubs or perennials.

FLORAL VARIETY - You can mix and match a variety of flowering plants to create a rainbow of colours. Be sure to pull out the weeds regularly and ensure that they are pesticide-free.

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