Keep the bathroom clean and add plants to bring life to it.

PRACTISING Feng Shui can help you adapt to your surroundings so that you are happier, more productive, healthier and more prosperous.

This week’s article is about water and toilets.

Water is the most powerful of the five elements and the most important for sustaining life.

Firstly, one has to understand the role of water as it relates to flow, draining and generating.

Secondly, all water is not the same. You have water for drinking and wastewater.

The water used for drinking and preparing food has a direct correlation to the health and vitality of your cells. A body that is hydrated with pure, clean water supports brain and memory capability, maintains a healthy level of mobility and organ function while reduces the ageing process.

You need to drain the tub so the next person can fill it with fresh water and take a bath.

Thirdly, there is a myth that water should not drain from your house or you will lose money, energy and health. But can you stop water from draining?

When you wash your dishes, you need the water to drain out from the sink or when you soak yourself in the tub, you definitely won’t be keeping the water in there. You will drain the water so that the next person can fill the tub with fresh water and take his or her bath.

Be practical! You want to drain the water that goes down the drain, sink, tub or toilet. Imagine if the water is left stagnant each time you use the sink, tub or toilet...

To avoid emotional and financial challenges, keep your plumbing working in perfect order.

When you are not using the toilet, keep the seat down. Toilets have a large mouth, and when flushed, they suck an enormous amount of “chi” (vital energy) down the drain. Some studies show that toxic energy (sewage) re-enters a bathroom if the toilet seat is not closed. This could harm your health in the long run.

The phrase “I might as well flush the money down the drain” sums up the link between Feng Shui and plumbing. So if you have leaking taps and faucets, you are not maximising the “chi” in your space.

You’ll see a drain on your health and finances. The sound of leaking taps can be rather annoying, thus affecting your health in the long run as it builds up the anger inside you. Repair all leaking taps and faucets so you could have peace of mind.

Some Feng Shui experts believe that when water and plumbing problems occur, it is a message to look at yourself and see what unresolved fear, anger, anxiety and shame you have that need healing.

Keep the bathroom clutter-free.

You could be experiencing anyone of them due to job loss, unnecessary money coming out of your pocket due to car and house repairs or an unexpected request for a large sum of money (for taxes, suit, etc).

To avoid these emotional and financial challenges, keep your plumbing working in perfect order.

Finally, you may want to decorate your toilet with plants and remove the clutter. There are many house plants that are easy to grow, require little sunlight and are excellent “chi” boosters. Plants slow the energy down, clean the air and balance the five elements.

Keep the bathroom clean and the door shut at all times when not in use.

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