SITTING back and relaxing is one of life’s simple pleasures. For this, you need comfy and cosy sofas you can sink into.

King Living, famous for designing and manufacturing furniture since 1977, has an extensive collection of sofas for lounging and entertaining, modular sofas designed for flexibility or luxurious recliners for complete head-to-toe comfort.

They are available in premium fabrics and European leathers, and feature the brand’s galvanised steel frames that provide a strong foundation for each sofa.

The brand’s selling point is the quality of the products which come with a 25-year warranty on all its steel-framed furniture.

King Living’s couches also have patented technologies, such as the Postureflex Seating System, which is similar to that found in luxury cars like Ferrari, Porsche and Rolls-Royce; the TouchGlide Technology allows users to slide their fingers over buttons to move the seat into their preferred position; and Gesture Control, a function that memorises favourite positions so you don’t have to keep adjusting the seat every time you sit on it.

(File pix) Delta III


Perfect for all interiors from compact apartments to large flowing living spaces, the Delta III can be reconfigured into many different settings — nice and close for relaxing, expanded for entertaining or even a luxurious bed for two. The Delta III’s seat depth is also easily customisable with its adjustable backs. It also has storage options, providing added practicality without compromising comfort or design.

You can also keep everything at hand with optional Smart pockets on arms, offering clever storage for smaller items including TV remotes, magazines and iPads. Other accessories include an LED Reading Lamp, Swivel Table and Charge Table.


The ultimate recliner lounge, King Cloud III features a headrest and recliner mechanism and an adjustable back, giving you full body comfort.

The clever and flexible modular design allows you to change the setting for your home theatre room or as reclining lounge in your living room.

The luxurious recliner features the integrated TouchGlide control technology that enables users to simply swipe their hand across the discretely located buttons to enjoy their personal comfort preference for a seamless lounging experience.

(File pix) King Cloud III


Jasper graces the living room with its luxurious contemporary style and unique design features. It was designed to create infinite configurations and is perfect for open plan living and growing families. The arrangement of platforms, cushions and shelves can be easily moved around and rearranged to suit any occasion.

The sofa offers the option for unique timber shelves (available in congo, smoked oak and American walnut) that create a sophisticated lounge with storage for books, beverages or decorative displays.

But the biggest impression is left by Jasper’s luxurious comfort. The legs are adjustable allowing you to manually raise or lower your seat height taking pressure off your feet every time you sit down and relax.

(File pix) Jasper

(File pix) Strata


Strata sofa’s and couches have an inviting contemporary style and unique design features. This award-winning leather sofa offers an experience like never before with its expansive seating and ability to transform into a bed. It is also the perfect sofa for hosting guests with its sturdy frame enabling a comfortable seat for eight to 10 people.

Strata’s seating options can be personalised to suit your specific comfort levels with adjustable legs. Optional adjustable legs allow you to raise or lower your seat height taking pressure off your feet every time you relax.

(File pix) Strata

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