(File pix) Place fresh flowers on the dining table to create a sense of freshness in the room.

A DINING room is a common area for consuming food. It is usually given high degree of importance because that is where the family gathers.

You can create the ultimate entertaining space there with gorgeous ideas.

Historically, a dining room should have a dining table set. The table should have dining mats and perhaps a vase with fresh flowers.

You can stretch a chandelier above the dining table and place a carpet underneath it if you like.

A small touch of pattern on the windows or wallpapers can brighten up the space.

If the dining room is small, you can place a large mirror on the wall to make the space look and feel bigger.

But have you taken the Feng Shui effects into consideration? Is your dining room cluttered with items that can be stored or thrown away? Are you dumping kids’ toys, books, opened letters, and old travel bags all around?

If you did not already know, piling up all these items in the dining room can have a negative effect on Feng Shui and restrict the free flow of qi energy in the house.

Attracting happiness and prosperity is key for any home. All you need to do is make your dining room a Feng Shui-compliant one.


1. Maintain balance of colours in the dining room; don’t make it too bright or overly dull.

2. Hang a mirror in an area that reflects the dining table; this will bring in more prosperity.

3. Keep the dining room inviting and comfortable. This will bring about calmness.

4. Dining room should be well ventilated and should get plenty of sunlight.

5. Separate the dining room from your living room by placing curtains or potted plants as a line of demarcation.

6. Keep the number of chairs even.

7. Make sure no one’s back is towards a door or window as it causes a sense of insecurity.

8. The head of the family should face east. Other members of the family can face north, east or west while dining.

9. Keep fresh flowers on the dining table instead of dried flowers as they imply deterioration.

10. Never sit under a beam while eating.

11. Remove TV and other electrical instruments in the dining room so the family can spend more time together.

12. Never use or even keep broken or chipped utensils or glass wares.

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