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KUALA LUMPUR: Taking into account the quality of the current crop of national players, the decision to appoint a local coach to replace Nelo Vingada who resigned as national coach could be the best move yet, which would also avoid wasting money.

Such a move is considered to be just what is needed because not much was done by the Portuguese coach to improve the fortunes of the national team during his short stint in charge compared to a local coach who know the players better.

Former international, Bakri Ibni said the FA of Malaysia (FAM) will definitely be able to save a lot and the money saved should be used to improve the level of local coaches at grassroots level.

"It was difficult for Vingada to bring about positive changes for the national team based on the quality of the current batch of players. For me, it is better if a local coach takes over the national team because such a person will know the players better compared to a foreign coach.

"Through such a move, we will be able to save money and such savings can be invested in grassroots programmes. Whatever it is, talking about grassroots, we cannot just focus on the players.

"The coaching aspect must be stressed on as well. Money saved from engaging a local coach instead of a foreign one can be used to develop coaches of caliber from grassroots level itself.

"Such savings can be used to appoint a 'mahaguru' (master coach or coach trainer) who can educate and help to produce coaches of quality. When there are capable coaches at grassroots level, football development can be carried out more effectively,” he said.

Vingada’s fate was pretty much sealed when he only lasted for six months and six days after he made the decision to step down with immediate effect from today.

Vingada felt responsible after failing to steer Malaysia towards a much needed win in seven matches which drove him to resign from the post he took up on May 15th last year.

Following Vingada out are his two assistants, Joao Arnaldo Correia De Carvalho (assistant coach), and Francisco Jose Bruto Da Costa (fitness coach).

Speaking on the Portuguese coach’s decision, Bakri said Vingada’s resignation proved that the experienced and much traveled coach takes pride in his profession as a professional coach.

"In such a matter, his action (resignation) proves that he is a professional who sees no point in staying on if he has failed to improve the team,” said Bakri.

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