STAM president Datuk Ahmad Ismail

Jumiati Rosly

KUALA LUMPUR: Sepak Takraw Association of Malaysia (STAM) president Datuk Ahmad Ismail has claimed there is a conspiracy to depose him following the sport being removed from the Core Sports Programme recently.

Ahmad said a number of officials from the National Sports Council (NSC) and an individual are involved in a plot to bring him down.

"I still feel that removing sepaktakraw from the Core Sports Programme is a mistake. I believe it is part of a conspiracy to bring me down," said Ahmad, when met after an Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) selection committee meeting for the Asian Games yesterday.

"I know that the person against me is close to officials from the NSC. I have proof of this, which is why I dare to make this statement."

He also warned the NSC officials concerned not to get involved.

Ahmad said NSC received funds from the government for joint programmes with STAM, which the latter has a right to receive.

"We are not asking for things which are not there. (Sepaktakraw) not included in the Core Sports Programme, are you crazy? I am sorry, but I have to be frank."

In regard to the Asian Games, Ahmad disclosed that 31 men and 18 women's players have been proposed to the selection committee. The majority of the players are between 19 and 23 years old.

"We want to build up team spirit so we are sending the men's team for commando training at Kem Rejimen TUDM in Jugra while the women will join a camp at Biro Tata Negara.

Translated from Berita Harian

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