HONG KONG: A woman in eastern China has been suspended from her job as a primary school teacher after a video widely shared online shows her blocking train doors from closing to allow her husband time to get on board, Chinese media reported.

Luo Haili, along with her husband and daughter, initially went to the wrong station and were late for a high-speed train going from Hefei in Anhui province to Guangzhou last Friday, the Xin’an Evening News reported.

Luo reached the train with her daughter when the train was about to depart, but blocked its doors to stop them from closing to make time for her husband who was held at the ticket barrier.

A struggle lasted for about five minutes, with two station staff trying but failing to pull her out of the train.

“My husband is at the ticket entrance. I will move away (from the door) when he comes,” she said during the stand-off.

At one point she was pulled to the ground on the platform, but managed to get back to the door.

Luo was eventually let on board with her husband and daughter.

The video soon went viral in China.

“I feel sorry for her daughter. It must be really embarrassing for her to have witnessed her mother doing such a disgraceful thing,” one internet user said.

Another questioned the station staff’s decision to let the family on board after causing such a nuisance.

Luo has been suspended from her job at a school in Hefei pending an investigation by the local education bureau, the newspaper said.

Obstructing the operation of a train service can lead to fines of up to 2,000 yuan (US$307) in China. -


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A train worker tries to pull the woman away from the doors.

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