WHILE there are many people suffering from depression in Malaysia, professional advice and treatment for the ailment are neither easily accessible nor affordable.

A few years ago, I had depression due to a few factors. I could not sleep well and was irritable.

I decided to seek professional help.

A relative of mine introduced me to a psychiatrist at a hospital.

A 20-minute conversation with the psychiatrist and medication cost me RM500.

The conversation did help me to understand why I behaved the way I did and the medicine helped me to calm down. I slept better, too.

I felt better and was able to control my emotions after the professional help.

People who suffer from mental disorders should not feel ashamed to get help from psychiatrists. FILE PIC

As such, I hope that professional help for those with depression and other emotional problems will be made more accessible and affordable.

There have been cases of people resorting to suicide due to depression and stress, and I believe suicides can be prevented if those who suffer from depression get professional help at affordable cost.

People who feel that they are suffering from depression and other mental disorders should not feel ashamed to get help from psychiatrists.

Professional counselling can
be of great help, as it was in my case.

Counselling by the psychiatrist helped me understand why I was suffering from depression, and it enabled me to be normal again.


Subang Jaya, Selangor

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